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Re: output of ls / grep corrupted in cygwin 3.1.2-1 (x64) under conemu

On Wed, 1 Jan 2020 15:55:15 +0100
Hartmut Bartels wrote:
> Hello
> I am running win10 Pro 1903 x64.
> After update to cygwin 3.1.2-1 for the x64 Version
> the command "ls-l" misses the <CR> running in Conemu.
> There is a <LF> for every new line, but the new line starts in position
> where the line before finished, just 1 line deeper. This is true using
> cygwin in the conemu version 191012 and also cmder and cmdermini.
> If I start a plain MS console cmd.exe the output looks good.
> The error also occoures for grep command. Others I did not test.
> I tested also cygwin 3.1.2-1 under win7 Pro. Here everything works in
> cygwin 32 bit and 64 bit.
> Installing previous version  cygwin 3.0.7-1 shows correct output
> for conemu, cmder and cmd.exe.
> Any help appreciated.

This is because ConEmu does not support DISABLE_NEWLINE_AUTO_RETURN.
Cygwin 3.1.2-1 uses this feature which is supported by command
prompt on Win10 1703 or later.

and comment on line 1188 in

Takashi Yano <>

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