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Re: installing sshd | Win 10 1909 build

Greetings, Evan Cooch!

> OK -- but my question wasn't so much about using openSSH, but rather,
> how to do an install of Cygwin ssh on a Win 10 machine,

I told you how - install openssh package and run ssh-host-config.

> which already has a native ssh server client 'bult in'. A number of us have
> tried using the standard approaches for installing cygwin and having sshd
> run as a service (approaches that worked fine on Win 7, and pre-1803 builds
> of WIn 10), but have had problems with Windows complaining (or, if not 
> complaining, not allowing a different sshd).

And specifically which "approaches" were that?
Because if you've used ssh-host-config, it should have worked from the start,
assuming you've disabled/removed MS's service.

> It seems as if you need to
> 'turn off' or 'uninstall' something with recent Win 10 builds to get 
> Cygwin sshd to install -- and work -- as a service.  That is the step 
> some of us  are hoping someone can step us through.

If you want to know how to configure other, non-Cygwin services, it's best to
turn to their documentation.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, December 27, 2019 18:51:31

Sorry for my terrible english...
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