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Re: Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10: now email doesn't work

On 11/28/2019 8:01 AM, P via cygwin wrote:
After upgrading to Windows 10, Cygwin smtp email doesn't work.

Get the error:
$ echo "this is a test"|email -s "test"

email: FATAL: Smtp error: Lost connection with SMTP server

Here's my config:
$ email-config
Please enter your From: name (e.g., John Doe) [Mike]:
Please enter your From: email address []:
Please enter your Reply-to: email address []:
Enter 1 to use sendmail or 2 to use a SMTP server [2]:
Please enter the address of your SMTP server []:
Please enter the SMTP port number [25]: 465 # I've tried ports: 587,25,995 as well with no success
Please select SMTP authentication (1 for none, 2 for LOGIN, 3 for PLAIN) [1]: 2    # I've tried none, and PLAIN also with no success
Please enter your SMTP username []:
Please enter your SMTP password [xpaaswordx]:
Use TLS (true or false)? [true]:

Please check the configuration file /etc/email/email.conf for correctness.

Any suggestions how to debug or alternative ways to get email working to Yahoo?

Perhaps Windows 10 is being more aggressive about firewalls, etc.  That's
a place I would check.  (I'm not familiar with the "email" program in
particular, but I see that it's a usual cygwin package, so it should be ok.)

Regards - Eliot Moss

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