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Re: cygwin sshd vs Win 10 'built-in' openSSh server

Thanks very much -- good points.

On 11/21/2019 3:47 PM, Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2019-11-21 09:07, Evan Cooch wrote:
I've been using the cygwin sshd as a service under Windows (XP -> 7), for
*many* years. However, with the pending deprecatin of Win 7, and the IT guys
at my institution nagging me to upgrade to Win 10, that raises a question --
are there relative pros/cons of sticking with cygwin sshd as a service under
Win 10 (assuming that is still possible), or enabling the openssh server that
is 'hidden' (relatively speaking) in Win 10 Pro an Enterprise (not so sure
about Win 10 Home)?

My preference would be to stick with cygwin (since I'm familiar with it, and
can tweak things as I need), but I'm uncertain as to how well it would play
with Win 10, which might be 'happier' if the MS approved openssh approach was

Thoughts/opinions?  I have a couple of Win 10 installs in virtual machines,
and will try testing both approaches at some point, but wanted to collate
some information before that point.
With Cygwin you have documentation, familiarity, prompt support and fixes, and
support of standard cypher suites and key sizes.

What do you know about MS "hidden" ssh server and client, and interop with the
systems to which you want to connect?

What can you expect by way of support from your IT guys and MS?

Some wiki notes are less than informative and may be worrysome:
"A remote session opened via password authentication has the user credentials
attached to it and hence is capable of outbound authentication as the user.
A remote session opened via key based authentication does not have associated
user credentials and hence is not capable of outbound authentication as the
user. This is by design and goes by the rules of standard Windows security."

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