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error running HEG

Hello, i am new in this forum,
i do not know if i am in the right section

but, i am trying to use HEG for convert a HDF to GEOTiff, but it not works!

i am at 8 point of the readme_install_Win (seven)...that i attach below

I try to type in MS DOS window and it results:

C:\Users\Giambastiani>type E:\HEG\Y_HEG\HEG_Win\bin\HEGTool.bat
@echo off

rem     *****************
rem     *    HEGTool.bat    *
rem     *****************
rem Change directory to HEG bin directory.HEGTOOL.bat now can be run from
cd Y_HEG\HEG_Win\bin

rem Set the MRTDATADIR environmental var to the HEG data directory.

set CYGWIN=3Dnodosfilewarning





set HEGUSER=3Dyamu

rem Run the Java GUI.
rem Change the java.exe path to reflect the directory structure on your

rem Quotes are only necessary to handle blank spaces in the pathnames.

"=E2=86=90v=E2=86=90vC:=E2=86=90[A=E2=86=90c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_2=
31\bin\java.exe" -DHEGUSER=3Dyamu
spath "Y_HEG\HEG_Win\bin\HEG.jar" heg.HEGDriver


can you help me?



Installation on Windows 7/ Windows 10

0.  Place the zip file in a directory that=20
    does NOT HAVE SPACES in the directory pathname.  HEG will be installed
under this=20
    path tree. Please note that the 32-bit version has been tested in
windows 7 and 10.=20
1.  Install java (1.8 or newer windows version).
2.  Unzip to the current directory.=20
3.  Double click on install.bat and follow the instruction in MS-DOS window
that appears.=20
4.  A file HEGTool.bat will be created by the installation in
.\HEG\HEG_Win\bin directory.=20
5.  Go to this bin directory, where HEGTool.bat file is, and right click on
    Click on the Create Shortcut. You can change the icon for this shortcut
as in step 6.
6.  Right click on the HEGTool.bat Shortcut. Click on the Properties and
then click on the=20
    Change Icon. Now click on Browse and select the file "heg.ico" in the
HEG_Win\bin directory.
7.  To run HEG double click on the created shortcut(s) or the HEGTool.bat i=
    HEG_Win\bin directory.
8.  If HEG GUI disappears right after opening, you are getting some kind of
error (most=20
    likely JAVA).
    To resolve the problem open a MS DOS command window. In that window
change the directory=20
    to your HEG's bin directory and type HEGTool.bat. This time the DOS
window will not=20
    dissapear. See what the problem is and fix it.
9. Please note that in windows:
   a. you should not install HEG or have your data files in directories tha=
have blank space in
      them. For example you should not install HEG in "Program Files"
   b. In your HEG's bin directory you will have "HEGTool.bat" and
"hegtool.exe" after=20
      installation. You should use "HEGTool.bat" for opening HEG GUI. The
".exe" files are=20
      internal executables, or can be used on command line.
   c. If you decide to run HEG executables on command line you will need to
set a few=20
      environment variables before running the executables. See
"HEGTool.bat" for needed=20
      environment variable and how to set them.

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