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Re: "/usr/bin/tar.exe" hangs, Windows 10, CYGWIN_NT-10.0 3.0.7(0.338/5/3) 2019-04-30 18:08 x86_64

Keith Christian writes:
> This is a corporate PC so little chance of doing any uninstalls or
> modification.  At least I know why now, and you've given me some ideas
> about troublesome DLL's.

Been there, done that.  Usually Symantec Endpoint Protection does come
with a support contract and Symantec support definitely knows about
Cygwin even when your IT folks don't.  So open ticket, support request
or whatever they call it with your IT and insist they escalate to
Symantec if they can't solve your problem (e.g. by excluding the Cygwin
install directory from heuristic checks).  The problem may return after
some updates or whenever someone feels that your company devices need
"extra" protection.  Sometimes it helps to do a full scan on the Cygwin
install directory, as some of the more problematic heuristics are
skipped when the scanner has seen and whitelisted a file before.

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