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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] xterm 348-1

On 2019-11-07 01:31, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 07.11.2019 um 03:39 schrieb Takashi Yano:
>> ...
>> Wait. I have just found /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm has a entry
>> *VT100*eightBitInput: false
>> which is added from cygwin xterm 348-1.
>> Removing this line or changing the value to true solves this issue.
>> Katsumi, could you please check if this solves the issue?
> The option value of eightBitInput must not be set to false nowadays, it's a
> relic of ASCII times.
> There are a number of further questionable changes in /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm
> (not checked to other XTerm default entries there):
>  < *backarrowKeyIsErase: true
>  < *metaSendsEscape: true
>  < *ptyInitialErase: true
>  > ! Cygwin Defaults
>  > +*backarrowKeyIsErase: true
>  > +*metaSendsEscape: true
>  > +*ptyInitialErase: true
> Using the obscure "+" prefix here seems to reset the option to its default,
> regardless of the given value. Clearer configuration would be preferrable.
> Changing backarrowKeyIsErase and ptyInitialErase consistently may go unnoticed
> for most users, but it effectively switches away from the Linux habit to use DEL
> for the backarrow key, just to note.
> Setting metaSendsEscape to false make input inconsistent. Alt+x will still enter
> ESC x (for whatever reason) but Alt+ö will enter only ö (again, for whatever
> reason). Option value true makes this consistent.
>  > ! Red Hat Defaults:
>  > *allowFontOps: false
>  > *allowTcapOps: false
> The "allow*" options are meant to provide security but I see no security problem
> with these two, particularly not TcapOps (which seems to be used by vim to
> fine-tune terminal feature usage).
>  > *VT100*eightBitInput: false
> Must be true!
>  > *VT100*scrollBar: true
> Why not, but it's a change that users may dislike.
>  > *VT100*utf8Title: true
> Probably a good idea.
>  > *termName: xterm-256color
> For applications that make a difference in colour usage depending on the TERM
> setting, this updates mega-legacy 16 colours to legacy 256 colours.
> Note that xterm also supplies a terminfo entry "xterm-direct" to reflect true
> colour support. Using it would require an update of the terminfo package, too,
> though, to get the xterm-direct entry included.

Thomas E. Dickey added it with others in the prerelease for 20180127 6.1, see:

	$ less +/xterm /usr/share/doc/ncurses/NEWS

and they are in the current Cygwin package terminfo 6.1-1.20190727, which is in
Base category and always installed/upgraded (many of the xterm+* entries are in
dependency terminfo-extra and disable the capabilities enabled or set by the
corresponding xterm-* entry):

$ l /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm*
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm             /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-1003
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm.js@         /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-1005
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+256color    /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-1006
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+256setaf    /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-16color
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+88color     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-24
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+alt+title   /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-256color
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+alt1049     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-88color
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+app         /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-8bit
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+direct      /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-basic
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+direct2     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-bold
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+edit        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xtermc
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+indirect    /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-color
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+kbs         /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-direct
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+keypad      /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-direct2
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+noalt       /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-hp
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+noapp       /usr/share/terminfo/78/xtermm
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+osc104      /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-new
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pc+edit     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-nic
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcc0        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-noapp
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcc1        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-old
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcc2        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-pcolor
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcc3        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-r5
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pce2        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-r6
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcf0        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterms@
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcf2        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-sco
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+pcfkeys     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterms-sun
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+r6f2        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-sun
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sl          /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-utf8
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sl-twm      /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-vt220
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sm+1002     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-vt52
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sm+1003     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-x10mouse
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sm+1005     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-x11hilite
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+sm+1006     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-x11mouse
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+titlestack  /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v32
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+tmux        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v33
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+vt+edit     /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v333
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+x10mouse    /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v40
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+x11hilite   /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v43
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm+x11mouse    /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xf86-v44
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm1            /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xfree86
/usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-1002        /usr/share/terminfo/78/xterm-xi

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.

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