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Re: Odd, is it not? mkdir 'e:\' cannot be undone by rmdir 'e:\' ...

On Fri, 20 Sep 2019 09:55:59, Houder  wrote:

> So, in general this piece of code should NOT be executed. And I doubt if
> it is ever reached in case of a device path, like \\.\e: (did not check).

Did check. Using my modified code (and debugger). Yes, the code snippet is
reached in case of \\.\e: However it acts as a no-opt in that case.

64-@@ stat '\\.\e:'
  File: \\.\e:
  Size: 219             Blocks: 6294892    IO Block: 65536  regular file
Device: c3h/195d        Inode: 264012044752017013  Links: 0
Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: ( 1000/   Henri)   Gid: (  513/    None)
Access: 16517-07-08 10:41:04.823790000 +0200
Modify: 24765-07-23 04:41:36.216813500 +0200
Change: 27044-04-14 13:59:54.642955700 +0200
 Birth: -

64-@@ stat '\\.\e:\'
stat: cannot stat '\\.\e:\': Not a directory

As I said already, the snippet should NOT be executed in general. Perhaps
it is another left-over from old times that should have been deleted.


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