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RE: Command line processing in does not match Microsoft parsing rules

> Cygwin command line parsing has to match Unix shell command line processing,
> like argument splitting, joining within single or double quotes or after a
> backslash escaped white space characters, globbing, and other actions normally
> performed by a shell, when any Cygwin program is invoked from any Windows
> program e.g. cmd, without those Windows limitations which exclude any use of a
> backslash escape character except preceding another or a double quote.

I guess my assumption was that the "winshell" parameter would be used to determine
when a Cygwin process is called from a non-Cygwin process and that it would be more
appropriate to use standard Windows command line processing (as limiting as it may
be) in that case. Once in the Cygwin environment, calls from one process to another
should obviously process command lines according to Unix shell rules.

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