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Re: Possible Cygwin setup regression with --prune-install

Shaddy Baddah writes:
>  -Y --prune-install Prune the installation to only the requested
> packages
> My reading of that is that this should defeat any packages from being
> (automatically added). However, even with this option, the base packages
> are still autoselected.

I've originally implemented that option and the Base packages and
dependencies are explicitly exempted.  This is not an option to allow
you to create broken installations, mind you.

> But can someone talk to what --prune-install is exactly supposed to do?
> And can any consideration be given to a "skeleton/template" install?

I use that option to make sure that whenever I remove packages from my
install (or downgrade them), the clients pick the exact set of packages
up that I give them.  It's also used to shrink installations (i.e. from
a developer installation to user) without leaving lots of cruft behind.

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