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Re: Bug report: Killing a native process may not actually kill it

On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 15:57:23, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
My original post contained a link to a patch allowing for Cygwin to correctly terminate native Windows processes. I understand it is not the position of the Cygwin project to deal with situation, so I think we can just let it drop.

I would like to say that I support this, if it can be done in a reasonable way.

Ive been reading this thread carefully, and Ive yet to see anyone comment on the
merits of the patch. Apologies if Ive overlooked it.

To me, the first and only question that matters is "does it solve more problems
than it causes". If the answer is yes, I think the patch should be accepted.
Else I think its unfair to prematurely end the discussion.

Cygwin has a long history of... putting Cygwin first. I dont mean this as a
negative, although I do disagree with the sentiment. Any compiling is with
Cygwin target as first class citizen, then native Windows has always been an
afterthought. I think this is why the MinGW survived as long as it did, and
while the MSYS2 project enjoys the popularity it has today. With MSYS2, the
"Cygwin" mode is still primary, but you can launch "mingw64.exe" and native
Windows becomes the default.

If Cygwin wishes to remain insular in regard to this and other native Windows
issues, thats their choice. It does make development significantly easier I
assume. However I think in doing so it alienates significant portion of the

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