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Re: Future setup regression caused by 'mkdir: always check-for-existence' commit

Stephen Provine via cygwin writes:
> I should also point out that this change in behavior starts not in
> 3.1.0 but in 3.0.7-3, and in-between 3.0.7-1 and 3.0.7-3 the commit I
> mention seemed like the most reasonable reason for it.

You should also point out that you are talking not about Cygwin, but the
bundled w/ GfW Msys2 here.  There is no 3.0.7-3 Cygwin.

> All this said, Cygwin succeeds in both cases. And now that I look, I
> think the Cygwin setup program explicitly creates "/dev" as a standard
> directory so it avoids this change in behavior.

Yes, as I already wrote yesterday.

> Given that the new behavior is obviously correct, I assume this means
> there is nothing for Cygwin to do, and the fix is for Git for Windows
> to explicitly create this directory.

Preferrably, yes.

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