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Re: Future setup regression caused by 'mkdir: always check-for-existence' commit

[Please don't top-post on this list.  Thanks.]

On 8/26/2019 1:33 PM, Stephen Provine via cygwin wrote:
> It's possible that this issue contributes to the problem, but the fact that you can manually create the "dev" directory outside of Cygwin (just mkdir from Windows command prompt) to fix the problem tells me otherwise. If I understand the logic change in commit b0c033bf3fae810b9e5a5c69f17bd4de63725691, it would indicate to me that "mkdir 0755 /dev" in a post-install bash script (regardless of which one) would no longer work when it previously worked.

I don't think you understand the logic change in that commit.  An attempt to 
create an existing directory would already fail before that commit; the failure 
would occur in the call to fh->mkdir().  The commit in question simply 
guarantees that the error code is EEXIST.  Take a look at the commit message.

Also, what postinstall script are you referring to that calls "mkdir /dev" 
without either checking for existence or using "mkdir -p"?  Cygwin's bash 
postinstall script doesn't do this.

(You must have missed Eric's reply to your original post, in which he asked the 
same question.)

> I'd be happy to try the test release for cygwin-3.1.0, but I don't know how to find it. Can you provide a link?

Just run's Cygwin's setup program, select the cygwin package, and select the 
test release (currently 3.1.0-0.2).


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