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Re: Win7 update may create confusing Cygwin changes

Hi Andrey!

On 2019/08/19 04:14, Andrey Repin wrote:
> However, with all due respect, you should follow your own advice first.
> There's more ways to resolve this, and all of them are more correct, than
> generating static files which would get stale rather fast.
	How do the static files get stale?  Only time I've seen
has been if I did something to require a new local machine image
(reinstall windows, or move hard disk to new, working machine, etc)
which cause the local machine and rid's to change.  What are you
talking about when you say stale?

> F.e. you could try setting
> db_home: windows
> for it to pick your system profile directory.
	But do you know what it does if you have a roaming

	With a roaming profile, which I _had_ for
over 15 years, it would come up with different values for USERPROFILE
based on *something*, that different from HOME (as a composite
of $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH).  Now I dunnow if one value or the other
was 'stale', but having it change wasn't what I wanted.

	That made software expecting USERPROFILE = HOME or
such, get confused.

	So i'm interested in situations where what I have won't work
(the places where you say it gets 'stale')....  Could you elaborate\

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