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Re: find command seems to lock files

Greetings, Morten Kjærulff!

>> > If the application in question creates and deletes the parent
>> > directory, as well as the leaf file, then things would be left
>> > around unexpectedly.
>> The question was just if the file is locked.
>> > So would use of find trigger a virus scanner, which in turn might
>> > hold on to the file and prevent its deletion?
>> That's how some realtime scanners work.  They have hooks in the file API
>> and if some other process opens a file these scanners open the file as
>> well, typically without FILE_SHARE_DELETE, which Cygwin uses by default.
>> Corinna
>> --
>> Corinna Vinschen
>> Cygwin Maintainer

> I forgot to say that I run the find command on my own PC, and the
> application runs on a server, which I have 'net use' its disk.

> Would it be the virus scanner on my PC or on the server?
> Any idea of a different way to get the age of the file? (I am sure I
> cannot change the virus scanner).

To begin with, the results of your `find` calls will be at least 5 seconds
stale over CIFS share with default settings.
Said that, you could safely write something like

find /xx -type а -iname "zzz" -mtime +10s -execdir 'msg * "Achtung programme crash boom!"'

In regard to antivirus,

1. first make sure your local AV does not scan network directories by default.
This is a gigantic usability issue for multiple reasons and normally is never done.
2. if possible, check what exactly happens when your program loсks up.
Yes, as said above, find will lock /directories/ it is scanning.
This is how Windows filesystem API works.
But it should not lock files by itself.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, August 19, 2019 19:36:25

Sorry for my terrible english...

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