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RE: Cygwin installer does not select the packages specified by the -P option

> Brian Inglis writes:
> > The OP's package list include sudo, which does not exist, diffutils
> > and tar, which are part of base. Should the first not fail setup, and
> > all be omitted for a retest?
> Well, I actually tested the very list the OP gave and it worked as intended
> (minus the unavilable packages, of course).  Asking for redundant packages
> (that would already have been installed by way of being in Base or as a
> dependency of some other package to be installed) has never been an error,
> nor should it be treated as one.

Good news everyone! The mystery has been resolved. McAfee is the one to blame as initially pointed out. In my build machine the McAfee icon was missing, but the Services were running in the background. What is more? It seems that the -A option to disable antivirus works in my case as well.

I've only detected that some packages were not selected, like tcsh, even though they are downloaded in the local repository, but that is probably a different issue that deserves another thread.


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