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Re: Win7 system update hosed something in Cygwin

Greetings, David Karr!

>> > So, before this reboot, my Cygwin home directory has always been
>> > "/home/<myuid>", which has always resided at "c:\cygwin64\home\<myuid>".
>> > After the reboot, my Cygwin home directory is "/", which appears to
>> > translate to "c:\cygwin64" (from "cygpath -w /").  However, according to
>> > the rules listed in /etc/profille, I SHOULD be getting home set to
>> > "c:/Users/<myuid>", although I don't want that.
>> >
>> > Any other ideas?
>>  1. cygcheck -srv? (include the compressed output to your reply)
>>  2. getent passwd? (what home directory for your id?)

> The first line of this output is this (with some minor elisions):

> <mydomain>+User(1944941):*:2993517:2993517:U-<mydomain>\User(1944941),S-1-5-21-2057499049-1289676208-1959431660-1944941:/:/sbin/nologin

Your machine is a domain member?

> This does seem to correspond to having a homedir of "/".

Not "correspond", but it exactly is.

> I don't know what this looked like before.

>>  3. /etc/nsswitch.conf? (db_home?)

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, August 16, 2019 23:31:58

Sorry for my terrible english...

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