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Re: Win7 system update hosed something in Cygwin

On Fri, 16 Aug 2019 06:40:28, David Karr  wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 2:01 AM Houder wrote:

> > Please study /etc/profile where it says "here is how HOME is set" ...
> >
> Ok. This says:
>   #  1) From existing HOME in the Windows environment, translated to a
> Posix path
>   #  2) from /etc/passwd, if there is an entry with a non empty directory
> field
>   #  4) / (root)
> I just brought up a cmd shell and entered "set" and looked at the result.
> 1. I don't have a "HOME" variable setting.
> 2. /etc/passwd doesn't exist in Cygwin.
> 3. I DO have both HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH set, and that points to my Windows
> home directory, which DOES exist.
> 4. This is what I am getting.

Perhaps comment in file is not complete? (is getent perhaps used?)

> So, before this reboot, my Cygwin home directory has always been
> "/home/<myuid>", which has always resided at "c:\cygwin64\home\<myuid>".
> After the reboot, my Cygwin home directory is "/", which appears to
> translate to "c:\cygwin64" (from "cygpath -w /").  However, according to
> the rules listed in /etc/profille, I SHOULD be getting home set to
> "c:/Users/<myuid>", although I don't want that.
> Any other ideas?

 1. cygcheck -srv? (include the compressed output to your reply)

 2. getent passwd? (what home directory for your id?)

 3. /etc/nsswitch.conf? (db_home?)


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