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Re: Hung setup-x86_64.exe after parsing setup.ini

> If you provide more details on that problem, I can probably give some 
> advice.

I suppose that bug comes from parsing setup.ini because of cygwin hangs on such stage.
You can find more details by following previously described steps.

>> How to reproduce the problem:
>> 1. Make own FTP-repo of Cygwin (I think it could be done without packages at all)
>> 2. Append the addition to setup.ini (from the bottom of letter; in my setup.ini it holds from 173244 line)
>> 3. Compress one with setup
>> 4. Start latest (2.897 | 64 bit) setup-x86_64.exe, try to use this repo with default other settings.
>> 5. The freeze happens during parsing setup.xz
>> "Workaround" is
>> 1. Replace actual size with 1000000000 (at 173260th line of my setup.ini)
>> 2. Recompress one
>> 3. Start same setup utility
>> 4. Parsing setup.xz passed but it breaks by downloading, of course. It's OK.
>> It's definitely a bug. What's the proper way to fix it?

> Odd.

> I suspect that there might be additional problems later on, if the 
> uncompressed size of the package exceeds 2GB (as briefly mentioned in [1])

Definitely not. Setup utility does not reach the downloading stage.

> [1]
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