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Hung setup-x86_64.exe after parsing setup.ini

After creating a huge custom package, we meet inaccessibility of using setup.exe. It hangs on parsing setup.ini. By doing a little research we've found that this behavior appears when package size is greater than 1GiB (not accurate 1GiB but 1.4GB is enough). We started to investigate setup.exe sources but we stuck in bison sources.

How to reproduce the problem:
1. Make own FTP-repo of Cygwin (I think it could be done without packages at all)
2. Append the addition to setup.ini (from bottom of letter; in my setup.ini it holds from 173244 line)
3. Compress one with setup
4. Start latest (2.897 | 64 bit) setup-x86_64.exe, try to use this repo with default other settings.
5. The freeze happens during parsing setup.xz

"Workaround" is
1. Replace actual size with 1000000000 (at 173260th line of my setup.ini)
2. Recompress one
3. Start same setup utility
4. Parsing setup.xz passed but it breaks by downloading, of course. It's OK.

It's definitely a bug. What's the proper way to fix it?

@ rdc-deps
sdesc: "RDC's devel dependencies"
ldesc: "RDC's devel dependencies"
category: Base
requires: ca-certificates gcc-core gcc-g++ git gnupg libftdi1 lynx make openssh python python27 python27-pip python38 python38-pip subversion vim wget
version: 0.1-1
install: x86_64/release/rdc-deps/rdc-deps-0.1-1.tar.xz 10240 2aaf7929c7d5299e2613f5a9eb18d7a644c81d0da7a6fba93069c83a490ec798941043a8ed8bb95b28ce21179e987e1f04f372a891a5918b40db6f612276f6e4
source: x86_64/release/rdc-deps/rdc-deps-0.1-1-src.tar.xz 108 da016ecd9ac6dd3ecd1a65b80c2728db59bccd9ca5e6b54888f02398e3f97a90d1bae3bef85f0eb0950c07734bf3e191fb679fc39527205ba0520009ca4769d2
depends2: ca-certificates, gcc-core, gcc-g++, git, gnupg, libftdi1, lynx, make, openssh, python, python27, python27-pip, python38, python38-pip, subversion, vim, wget

@ rdc-tools
sdesc: "RDC's toolchain"
ldesc: "RDC's toolchain"
category: Base
requires: rdc-deps
version: 1.1.1-1
install: x86_64/release/rdc-tools/rdc-tools-1.1.1-1.tar.xz 1378576256 5b15397950db4f95e3e0560a5c9183b3811e821cfb183db1bf93a411e01e5bb4b86825a28f8121389422ffd7e9f12eef88b22560f8c30b2beb5fae230c738332
source: x86_64/release/rdc-tools/rdc-tools-1.1.1-1-src.tar.xz 108 da016ecd9ac6dd3ecd1a65b80c2728db59bccd9ca5e6b54888f02398e3f97a90d1bae3bef85f0eb0950c07734bf3e191fb679fc39527205ba0520009ca4769d2
depends2: rdc-deps

 Thank you in advice,
Yuriy Vesnin
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