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RE: Cygwin installer does not select the packages specified by the -P option

>You might want to go down one directory level and try again, even though
>I don't see at the moment how that would be involved.  Also, maybe check
>the permissions / ACL on the files in the repo, which may be too
>restrictive depending on how you downloaded them.  You might also try to
>run the install as a user (not admin) to see if that difference is
>changing behaviour.  Last but not least, try excepting the local repo
>from at least heuristic antimalware protection and explicitly scan all
>files the installer is using (some endpoint protections block certain
>actions until the involved executables have been scanned and / or

I have tried the -A option, the -B option as single user to no avail. There is no antivirus running. Well, there is in general in our PCs, but no installed on my test machine. I have also tried another mirror to re-download the packages in a local repository, but it didn't work either. Can you provide your local repo data to check? Just to ensure that my local repo is not the problem.

>Again, it should just work the way you were trying, but something's

Probably, but I would need more information to prove it. I am suspecting a Windows Group Policy, but I would have to be sure and prove it in order to request the exception from our Windows Team. At least if you provide me with your repository, I could claim that this works for a normal PC and not for our environment and they could have something to investigate, rather simply ask if something forbids the access of the files from an executable.

I forgot to mention that we are using Windows 7 and I don't know if the setup behaves different on that operating system.


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