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RE: Cygwin installer does not select the packages specified by the -P option

>Well, I was, finally (after comparing to my install script that has been
>working for about a decade now, with the only difference that package
>selection is made by category).  That's a very interesting bug: switch
>the order of the -l and -R options and everything works as intended.
>That'll be fun to find in the source.

I have also switched the order of the mentioned options to no avail.

>Run the above with the --verbose switch on and you'll see that setup
>fails to recognize the setup.ini file and consequently decides that the
>packages it should install (and recognizes correctly as far as I can
>tell from the output) are not installable.

I am including the "setup.log.full" with --verbose option for further investigation if needed.

The actual need is to deliver Cygwin to developers PCs through silent installation in a Landesk package (no admin rights for the users). Currently, only the base system is installed due to the mentioned issue, which is not enough for usage.


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