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Re: Cygwin installer does not select the packages specified by the -P option

Jon Turney writes:
>> setup-x86_64.exe -q -L -l %cd%\cygwin-repo -R C:\PGM\cygwin64 -P
>> autoconf,automake,bash-completion,bzip2,ca-certificates,curl,diffutils,emacs,git,git-svn,gnupg2,konsole,mc,openssh,patchutils,perl,python2,python3,rsync,ruby,subversion,sudo,tar,tcsh,tmux,unzip,vim,wget,xinit,xlaunch,xorg-server,xorg-server-common,xorg-server-xorg,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi100,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi75,xorg-x11-fonts-Type1,xorg-x11-fonts-misc,xterm,zip
>>  There is no issue if I select manually the packages. They are
>> installed just fine from the local repository. The problem is that
>> they are not selected at all when the above command is issued. Any
>> workarounds?
> I tried to reproduce this problem using the command you give, but
> wasn't able to.

Well, I was, finally (after comparing to my install script that has been
working for about a decade now, with the only difference that package
selection is made by category).  That's a very interesting bug: switch
the order of the -l and -R options and everything works as intended.
That'll be fun to find in the source.

> Are you saying that absolutely nothing gets installed?  This tends to
> suggest that the installer is failing due to a fatal error before it
> gets that far.

Run the above with the --verbose switch on and you'll see that setup
fails to recognize the setup.ini file and consequently decides that the
packages it should install (and recognizes correctly as far as I can
tell from the output) are not installable.

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