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Re: Regression (last snapshot)

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 15:53:27, Ken Brown  wrote:

> I've made some progress. It turns out that the problem only occurs in terminals 
> launched from the xwin-xdg-menu tray icon.  I can even launch a mintty window 
> from that icon (System Tools -> Cygwin Terminal) and I'll see the problem.  On 
> the other hand, I can launch an xterm without using that icon (e.g., 'DISPLAY=:0 
> xterm -l&' from a mintty window) and I won't see the problem.

No one confirmed your problem, as described in your initial posting. Did nobody
care, or did the problem only exist at your place?

I became curious ...

I do not use X! (on Cygwin).

Therefore I created a separate (basic) Cygwin installation, where I added xinit,
xorg-server and xterm only!

Next I started xterm as follows:

    64-++ startx /usr/bin/xterm -geometry 140x50+530+180 -- -rootless

The problem occured when using cywin1.dll 0712 (as expected), but not when using
cygwin1.dll 3.0.7 or cygwin1.dll 0722.

I concluded, that your problem does not occur w/ a "basic" X configuration.


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