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RETRY button for Setup.exe


every few days the first process trying to access my cygwin disk
(U:\, external SD card) fails with "U:\...: No such file or directory".
I'm sure this is not a cygwin but a windows (8.1) problem. Usually this
isn't a problem. I click the <OK> button and the message as well as the
process disappear. Then I start the process (mintty or setup.exe) again
 - always successfully.

This morning it was setup.exe with 5 updates. They were still
in the "Pending" Category after restart. But sometimes I'm
working for an hour or so changing my cygwin setup. And in such
a case all the work would simply be wiped out. That's why I would
really like a RETRY button because the second attempt always succeeds.

The complete error message: Can't open U:\usr\pkg\cygwin/ for writing: No such file or directory

I know this issue has been discussed a short time ago. But I thought
I provide a case where a RETRY utton definitely makes sense.


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