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Re: TCP_CORK (aka TCP_NOPUSH) does not work

> Regular SO options on Windows:

I did not ask about Windows options.  I asked about a feature that is defined in Cygwin yet appears not functional.

> You can abuse Nagle to get similar behaviour cross-platform:

This is not the same thing!

> ENOPROTOOPT (109)... "The option is not supported by the protocol."

Indeed the textual description does not match, and should be changed in Cygwin.  Although, I'm sure it was copied over from Linux, which does not define it properly (probably, historically), either:

#define ENOPROTOOPT     92      /* Protocol not available */

BTW, Windows does that correctly:

WSAENOPROTOOPT (10042) = "Bad protocol option"

> If a socket option is defined, perhaps for compatibility, it should either be
> used or ignored, rather than giving an error.
> If you are not going to support a socket option, and generate an error, it would
> be better to not define the option and generate the error at compile time,
> instead of failing at run time.

Who are you suggesting this to?

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