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Compilation of Qt5 Cygwin in Qt Creator

Dear Cygwin team,

I have some issues about Cygwin Qt5 and Qt Creator on Windows 10.
I have a computer running on Windows 10 and a Qt versions Qt 5.11.2 MinGW 32 bits and Qt Creator 4.7.2.
I have a project where it is required to develop under a Cygwin environment.

After install cygwin, I was hoping cygwin Qt Versions can be integrated to the Qt Creator IDE on Windows 10. But for some reason, I never succed to install it. If I try to install Qt Versions from Cygwin 64, on Qt Creator I have this message :
-> Qt Creator -> Options -> Kits -> Qt Versions -> Add...
qmake C:\cygwin64\lib\qt5\bin\qmake.exe could not be added "C:\cygwin64\lib\qt5\bin\qmake.exe" crashed. I can add compiler / debugger but the environment to develop is not correct because of the qmake crashed.

The other cygwin environment that I want to use comes from SysGo/ElinOS. I have open a topic on the Qt Forum : If I do the same step than cygwin64, the error message is completely different : cannot read /opt/elinos-6.2/cdk/x86/x86_64/glibc-2.24/share/qt5/mkspecs/devices/linux-elinos-g++/qmake.conf : no such file or directory

After some research on how to change the qmake -query that Qt Creator do when I want to install a Qt versions, i discovered that the problem can maybe come from cygwin. If I create a qt.conf file. And depending on the path I write "/cygdrive/c/sysgo/opt/..." or "C:\sysgo\opt", the Qt Creator send me some differents messages. When I write "/cygdrive/c/..." => Qt Creator write the full path as cygwin path. When I write "C: \"                    => Qt Creator get back the "default" path.

I hope the background is a little clear... In both way my questions is :
- How to install cygwin64 Qt 5 on Qt Creator Windows version ?
- Is it possible to "custom" "hardcoded" path in cygwin to have a full path from root C:\ ?

Best Regards,

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