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Re: Perl Illegal Instruction

Chris Wagner writes:
> Of course it's up to date...

I'll let that stand, although I've seen sufficiently many Win7 systems
lately to be wary of any such statement.

> That is not BLODA.  That's the standard list of libraries.  I changed
> nothing; it worked yesterday; today it didn't.  Every other Cygwin
> executable I've tried works without problem.  I even tried
> reextracting the files from perl_base.

So again, something changed and you have no idea what.  If you rule out
a hardware error (memory most likely if it always strikes at the same
place) and you didn't actively made changes (not limited to Cygwin),
then the culprit must by definition be some change that occured
elsewhere in the system.  If it was some automatic update there might
be a restore point pertaining to those changes and certainly something
in the event logs.

>>> $ uname -a
>>> CYGWIN_NT-6.1 applejack 3.0.7(0.338/5/3) 2019-04-30 18:08 x86_64
>>> Cygwin
>> A current Cygwin...
>>> $ cygcheck -c perl perl_base
>>> Cygwin Package Information
>>> Package              Version        Status
>>> perl                 5.22.4-1       OK
>>> perl_base            5.22.4-1       OK
>> combined with an outdated Perl (Cygwin is at 5.26.3 now).  What are you
>> trying to achieve?  Please fully update Cygwin after checking your
>> system.  Also, you might want to clean up your PATH a bit.
> I'm not going to recompile all my modules and rework the new lib paths
> until I have a really good reason to.

As they say, "you break it, you get to keep the broken pieces".  Trying
to lock down part(s) of Cygwin is a losing proposition unless you are
building everything yourself, at which point building a bunch of Perl
modules after an update ceases to be an issue anyway.

> I'ld be happy to run any other diagnostic command anyone can think of.

Well, as I said, try to start with some halfway sane PATH perhaps? In
other words, something like

env PATH=/bin perl --version

for starters.

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