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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 3.0.2

I have uploaded mintty 3.0.2 with the following changes:

Terminal features
  * Application scrollbar (experimental).
  * Control sequence to switch IME status (#888, Tera Term).
  * ECMA-48 SL/SR shift columns left/right (xterm).
  * Fixed overstrike in leftmost column.
  * Inhibiting double width/height lines in left/right margin mode.
  * Primary DA indicate Horizontal Scrolling and Rectangular Editing.
  * Secondary Device Attributes report Unicode version with option Charwidth.
  * Report DECRQSS DECSCL conformance level as VT500 (7-bit controls).

Terminal controls verified and tweaked as suggested by esctest suite
  * Rectangular checksum DECRQCRA, supporting esctest suite.
  * Fixed BS and CR "border" cases.
  * Fixed DCH/ICH/IRM outside left/right margins.
  * Fixed DL/IL to move cursor to left margin.
  * Reverse wrap from home position moves to lower right margin (xterm).
  * Auto-wrap modes are no more affected by cursor save/restore.
  * NRC enabled mode is no more affected by cursor save/restore.
  * Fixed left/right margin mode to inhibit double width lines.
  * Fixed TAB to stop at right margin.
  * Ensure restored cursor to be within margins in origin mode.
  * Set/Reset origin mode moves cursor home.
  * Confining DL, IL, DECDC, DECIC within margins.
  * Confining LF, IND, VT, NEL, FF within margins.
  * Fixed DECSED 3 not to clear current position; guard CSI [?] n J/K.
  * Proper default values for rectangular operations.
  * Full reset (RIS) moves cursor home.
  * Soft reset (DECSTR) does not disable left/right margin mode.
  * Cursor backward (CUB) applies reverse-wraparound.

Font rendering
  * Script-specific secondary font choice (#580, #821, #883).
  * Reenabled DPI scaling in Windows 7 (#890).
  * Check functions (width, glyph) consult proper attributes and font.
  * Tweaked check for automatic narrowing to fit in cell width.
  * Fixed shadow attribute artefacts.
  * Fixed DEC Tech up/down arrows by manual drawing.

Sixel graphics
  * Tweaked sixel handling to avoid crash condition.
  * Reintroduced fixed Sixel colour registers handling (#593).

Window handling
  * Reenable left scrollbar.
  * Application scrollbar (experimental).
  * Always flash taskbar on bell if iconic, if configured (#887, #607).

  * Reduced global HTML formatting on Copy as HTML text (#889).

  * Option Baud to simulate serial connection speed for a legacy feeling.
  * Option FontChoice for script-specific secondary fonts (#580, #821, #883).

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