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Re: Question about packaging and cygport

Op ma 8 jul. 2019 om 14:36 schreef Marco Atzeri <>:

> this line is present at line 4 of the file.
> Have you by chance modified it ?
No, the line I posted appears to be the closing line for the
comment/documentation. It is present in other such files, but was not
in the copy in my installation.

I noticed that an earlier version, directly from the CMake download,
had an extra comment there, specific to Cygwin:


Find tclsh

This module finds if TCL is installed and determines where the include
files and libraries are.  It also determines what the name of the
library is.  This code sets the following variables:


  TCLSH_FOUND = TRUE if tclsh has been found
  TCL_TCLSH = the path to the tclsh executable

In cygwin, look for the cygwin version first.  Don't look for it later
to avoid finding the cygwin version on a Win32 build.

  find_program(TCL_TCLSH NAMES cygtclsh83 cygtclsh80)



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