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Re: rename a user using setfacl -- possible? how?

On 06/07/2019 10:39, L A Walsh wrote:
> My machine's GUID changed. This file has entry for userX
> on the old machine-GUID.  UserX also exists on the new machine GUID.
> So I renamed the old entry to UserXold so I could find all the places
> where the old GUID is referenced then change it to the machine's new guid.
> I'm not having cygwin create new groups or whatever, but trying to replace
> references to this Userid in the machine's old GUID and replace them with
> reference to the Uid with the machine's new GUID.
> if it was the main group, I'd just use find to locate instances of old
> and do chgrp to change ownership to new.  However, this is a group entry
> in an acl list -- so I need to change the name of 1 entry in the acl list.

This sounds like a Windows maintenance issue. While you can use Cygwin
tools to manipulate the NTFS ACLs I'd be inclined to look at native
tools, probably using a Powershell script if you need to automate it. If
you use setfacl on paths outside your 'Cygwin domain' it's going to mess
up the more normal Windows/NTFS ACL usage especially the inheritance and

Sam Edge

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