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Re: rename a user using setfacl -- possible? how?

I don't think I explained things clearly.

On 2019/07/06 02:06, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> I guess I don't know how to modify an entry to either 1-rename it, or
>> 2 add the new entry.
> You don't.
> If you want to change name for display purposes, look into nsswitch.conf and
> associated documentation.
	My machine's GUID changed.  This file has entry for userX
on the old machine-GUID.  UserX also exists on the new machine GUID.

So I renamed the old entry to UserXold so I could find all the places
where the old GUID is referenced then change it to the machine's new guid.

I'm not having cygwin create new groups or whatever, but trying to replace
references to this Userid in the machine's old GUID and replace them with
reference to the Uid with the machine's new GUID.

if it was the main group, I'd just use find to locate instances of old
and do chgrp to change ownership to new.  However, this is a group entry
in an acl list -- so I need to change the name of 1 entry in the acl list.

> It should, but I strongly suggest to avoid using it outside Cygwin directory
> tree to maintain maximum interoperability with Windows programs.
	No problem.  my cygwin directory is at 'C:\', where it
has been since WinXP...  (:^|)

> getent passwd
> getent group
	those don't display GUID/UUIDs, but *nix user+group ids.

I wanted to see the windows guid associated with an identity.

Since the one I was looking for was a well-known-id I found it, but
in non-well-known cases,...?  

Thanks and sorry my explanation was confusing -- 

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