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Re: cygwin can not be compiled with gcc 8.3.0

On Fri, 5 Jul 2019 22:33:20, Biswapriyo Nath  wrote:

> > cygwin is built using cygport ...
> Is there any docs about it? I don't find the cygwin.cygport file in source
> tree. Also I don't use source tarballs, git is my first choice. Also the
> configure script or Makefile didn't warn me that I've not that cygport
> package/script.

Documents about using cygport? Well, sort of ...

Using (Cygwin) git as starting point?
 - git is 'bleeding edge' (unstable by definition)

cygwin.cygport file?
 - No, not present in git ... (not present in the git for newlib-cygwin)
 - a cygwin source tarball (to be found on any Cygwin mirror) is composed
   of a tarball, which represents git at a 'specific moment' in time plus
   the cygwin.cygport file
 - specific moment? Look for the 'cygwin-3_x_y' tags in git ...


cygport build/ cygport package
 - the cygport build system is basically a wrapper around autoconf etc.
   (and build systems like cmake)
 - i.e. configure, make (Makefile) do not know about cygport


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