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rename a user using setfacl -- possible? how?

Have an acl on a file 'testfile' that appears to include a userid
with a GUID corresponding to some older value for the local system.

I'm gave the old guid a name in /etc/group different from its name,
say calling it 'oldname' (where current name, is say, 'curname').

I guess I don't know how to modify an entry to either 1-rename it, or
2 add the new entry.

I tried
setfacl -x group:oldname:rwx -m group:curname:rwx but got:

setfacl: illegal acl entries

will setfacl not work for this task?
How do you add a new user to the access list -- obviously -x removes
a user, but not sure if 'add' is covered by -m or whether or not you 'add'
by specifying the new entry.

BTW -- is there an easy way to see the numeric values it is using
for a given name?

group:Local account and member of Administrators group:rwx

I remember seeing that, but it isn't in my /etc/group file.

Tried getfacl with -n but that doesn't seem to be an option
to display a numeric GUID.


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