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Re: cygwin can not be compiled with gcc 8.3.0

On Fri, 5 Jul 2019 13:15:46, Biswapriyo Nath  wrote:

> Am I doing anything wrong? I have installed all the required

.. uhm, sort of ... [1] is deprecated

cygwin is built using cygport ...

 - install the cygport package (subsequently invoke "man cygport" from bash)
 - using cygport to build cygwin requires the cygwin.cygport file in the Cygwin
   source tarball (will not use gcc 8.3.0)
 - extract the source tarball, then ...

Reminder (zie man cygport)
cygport <options> cygwin.cygport prep           create working directory, unpack sources and apply patches
cygport <options> cygwin.cygport compile        run all compiliation steps (including configure)
cygport <options> cygwin.cygport install        installinto a DESTDIR, and run post-installation steps
cygport <options> cygwin.cygport package        create binary and source package
cygport <options> cygwin.cygport finish         delete working directory


> packges[1]. It will be better if cygwin code is fixed for gcc 8.3.0
> instead of downgrading gcc version.
> [1]:

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