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Re: Domain User restrictions - Windows server 2012 R2

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 2:41 AM Bergbauer, Daniel AVL/DE vwrote:

> What I want now is, to restrict every user, who connects to the server via ssh, to its home folder /home/'username' == C:\projects\'username'

If I understand, you are asking if you can restrict the user that
connects to a specific subdirectory structure?

If that's what you are asking, this is possible on POSIX because of
chroot. However chroot is only emulated on Cygwin and is not a true
security control, so this doesn't work on Windows, unfortunately.

The good thing is that Windows permissions still apply, so for example
if the user is only a member of Users, they can do "cd \windows", but
they can't change any files in there.

The ChrootDirectory can be used for sftp-only accounts, however, if
configured correctly.

If you're interested, I created a Windows Cygwin OpenSSH package that
might be useful:


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