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sshd/SYSTEM account/OS version and Cygwin "bitness" limitations

I am trying to understand the limitations when running sshd using the
SYSTEM account.

Is the following complete and correct?


OS_version*  OS_bitness  sshd_bitness  Notes
< 6.3        64-bit      32-bit        Note 1
< 6.3        64-bit      64-bit        Note 2
< 6.3        32-bit      32-bit        Note 2
>= 6.3       64-bit      64-bit        No problems
>= 6.3       64-bit      32-bit        No problems
>= 6.3       32-bit      32-bit        No problems

* "< 6.3" = "older than Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2"; ">= 6.3" = "at least
Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2"

Note 1: sshd cannot authenticate local accounts, but it can authenticate
domain accounts.

Note 2: sshd can't authenticate local accounts after a reboot unless
another logon happens first.

Unfortunate implication of Note 1: 32-bit version of sshd running as SYSTEM
account on OS < 6.3 on non-domain member computer cannot authenticate any




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