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Re: [PATCH] default ps -W process start time to system boot time when inaccessible, 0, -1

Brian Inglis writes:
> Boot time is neither magic nor pulled out of thin air.

No, but other than a lower limit of the process start time it has no
correlation whatsoever to the start time of a process that I am not
proviledged to get the start time from.

> Checking *my* system processes using wmic queries and elevated powershell
> scripts, the boot time is at most a few seconds off from process start times
> from other sources.
> I understand that other systems may run processes where that is not the case.
> Please explain why you think this is misleadingly not useful, or where or which
> processes have unvailable start times that are not very close to boot time.

System processes get started and re-started all the time, as do
processes from other users (interactive or otherwise).

So again: in the case under discussion we _know_ that "0" is a bogus
timestamp value that no process ever got started on, even if it can be
translated to "Jan 1st 1970" if it were indeed a valid timestamp.  All
I'm asking is that ps shows something like "N/A" instead of trying to
print something that looks like it might be a valid time, but still

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