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Re: Problems with "Hello, World!"

On Fri, 22 Mar 2019 16:25:08, Vesa P dot "  wrote:

> > Rather than describing what you did, copy and paste a shell transcript showing
> > the commands and output from you listing the source code, compiling and running
> > it, a long listing of the directory contents, then run
> >
> >         "cygcheck -hrsv > cygcheck.out"
> >
> > and attach the output as a text file to a post to this list, as explained below
> > under Problem reports:
> I included a modified version of cygcheck.out. Mostly sensitive letter
> sequences have been
> replaced by 6 X's: "XXXXXX".  And user groups in was all replaced by
> "/// User group names and numbers omitted ///"


>From your previous post it was clear that your program did not execute. You
compiled your "hello.c" as follows:

    gcc -Wextra -Wall -o hello hello.c

You are using the 64-bits setup of Cygwin. Me too (although I have W7).

64-@@ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1 Seven 3.0.4(0.338/5/3) 2019-03-16 09:50 x86_64 Cygwin

 ** Me **
64-@@ grep gcc cygcheck-20190323.out
Found: E:\Cygwin64\bin\gcc.exe
   70k 2018/12/09 E:\Cygwin64\bin\cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2018-12-08 19:56
gcc-core                                7.4.0-1               OK
libgcc1                                 7.4.0-1               OK
(I deleted non-relevant output)

 ** Vesa **
64-@@ grep gcc cygcheck-vesa.out
Found: C:\Users\XXXXXX\cygwin64\bin\gcc.exe <==== What is this? (is this
  the compiler for the 32-bits setup of Cygwin?)
   70k 2018/06/26 C:\Users\XXXXXX\cygwin64\bin\cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2018-06-26 17:17
cygwin32-gcc-core         6.4.0-1             OK <==== generating code for
  the 32-bits setup of Cygwin ????? (I have forgotten)
cygwin32-gcc-g++          6.4.0-1             OK
libgcc1                   7.3.0-3             OK

Q: where is your compiler (gcc)? Evidently you are not using the compiler
from the 64-bits setup ...

Btw, you are using an old version of Cygwin (cygwin1.dll) ... Why do you
not update (while also installing the 64-bits version of the compiler).

I may be wrong though (as I only skimmed your posts and the cygcheck.out


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