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Re: seteuid problem with sshd

Greetings, Bruce Halco!

> I'm having to update a number of cygwin installations that are about a 
> year old (cygwin 2.9.0-3). Usually I just run the installer and 
> everything goes fine.  Occasionally I've run into a problem and had to 
> remove the existing installation and reinstall.

> Apparently something has changed with ssh.  I now go though the same 
> installation process I've been using for years, but sshd logins fail 
> after connection with

>      "fatal: seteuid xxxxxx: No such file or directory"

> The ssh client gets as far as offering the key. The last two lines from 
> the client side are

>      debug1: Offering public key: bhalco.ssh RSA 
> SHA256:DDFVOXwQIpPODxXJPxp8Mxj1Y1mXsMqdmrvVYi5P51c agent
>      Connection closed by port 32000

> I've reproduced the problem on two computers. Both are running Windows 
> 7, although the same update will need to be applied to Windows 10 systems.

> I haven't found any info using Google or the cygwin archives.

Please don't lie. The archive is full of recent reports.

> I don't even have a good guess what file or directory is missing.

> I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Try changing the owning user of sshd service to LocalSystem for a starter.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, March 14, 2019 2:48:44

Sorry for my terrible english...

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