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Re: sshd error "seteuid: No such device or address"

David Dombrowsky writes:
> If I'm reading this correctly, using the SYSTEM account will deny access
> to user-level shares.  Using the cyg_server account (or another service
> account) will allow access, but requires a password stored in the
> registry.

That was already the case if you logged in any way other than via
password, either a stored one (when using pubkey auth) or explicitly at
logon.  At the moment there seems to be no way around that requirement.

Don't forget that you will have to change the stored password each time
you change your password in the domain.  Forgetting that and trying to
log in a few times usually gets your account locked.  Btw, unless you
completely lock down password logins on the SSH server, you can still
tell ssh not to use your pubkey and it will fall back to asking for a
password.  You don't need an admin shell if you want to store your own
password in the registry (and admin can also change or remove one for a
different user).

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