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Re: Patch request to qt 5.9.4

----- Original Message -----

> From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA 
> To: Mark Geisert  cygwin
> Cc: 
> Date: 2019/3/12, Tue 17:25
> Subject: Re: Patch request to qt 5.9.4
> ----- Original Message -----
>>  From: Mark Geisert 
>>  To: cygwin
>>  Cc: 
>>  Date: 2019/3/12, Tue 17:04
>>  Subject: Re: Patch request to qt 5.9.4
>>  On Tue, 12 Mar 2019, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:
>>  [...]
>>>>   From: Mark Geisert
>>>>   If it's not too much trouble, could you show what you tell 
> gnuplot 
>>  and how
>>>>   you
>>>>   set up the Qt environment?  Are you running gnuplot from inside 
>>  qterminal?
>>>>   ..mark
>>>   For qt graphics
>>>   gnuplot.exe uses driver process named gnuplot_qt.exe.
>>>   gnuplot.exe tries connect with gnuplot_qt.exe
>>>   by
>>>   qt->socket.connectToServer(server);
>>>   in gnuplot.exe code but fails to connect with gnuplot_qt.exe.
>>  Yes, I understand that is happening at a low level.  What exactly are you 
>>  typing at your keyboard to make gnuplot produce the Qt graphics?  I would 
>>  like to reproduce your issue on my system; what do I need to do?
>>  Please refer to the specific questions I was asking above.
>>  Thank you,
>>  ..mark
> Gnuplot distrubuted on Cyygwin does not link with Qt.
> I am distrbuting develoment version of gnuplot with Qt (patched).
> I have to prepare gnuplot binary without patch.
> I have my web site and I will prepare binaries without stripped debug 
> information
> and upload on my web.
> I will do it tomorrow morning. (Before job.)
> Tatsuro

I have prepared binaries:

From gnplot prompt 

gnuplot> set terminal qt 
gnuplot> plot x 

Without Qt patch

Could not connect to existing gnuplot_qt. Starting a new one.

Warning: slow font initialization

With Qt patchplot appears


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