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Re: win dirs don't handle lack of inherited rule(?): getfacl + tar dir Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument

On 3/8/2019 4:15 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  7 19:35, L A Walsh wrote:
>> I ran tar on another directory and got a huge number**
>> of these:
>> tar: rules: Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument
>> tar: adblockplus: Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument
>> tar: autopager: Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument
>> tar: bookmarkbackups: Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument
>> ---
> Can you please provide the cacls or icacls command creating
> a directory that allows to reproduce the issue?

I doubt that area of my disk has ever been manipulated by 
cacls or icacls. That's in my roaming profile.

I tried reproducing the prob in other areas, but wasn't able to
(in root, program dirs...etc).

That area has had it's perms changed by chattr, explorer's security
dialogue, and by the transfer of files into the dir via it synchronizing 
my profile with the server.  I have no clue how well the roaming
profile sync reproduces ACL's that go to a samba machine (that is
storing ACL's via XFS's xattrs), and back, but I wouldn't hold my
breath, as it's done the occasional sync on login & logoff since
My moving to Win7x64.

Also my computer has undergone more than 1 "upgrade-in-place" to same
version to reset things, and permissions get tweaked then too.

So as for how to create these problems...I can't say for sure, but
they do come up fairly regularly.  :-(

Thing is, it is next to impossible to reset them, as there are
links in roaming profile to server directories.  Most software will
stop at the system boundary, but have had some...either way, when
those permissions get copied back, I don't know about their integrity.
Note -- even if I do reset them, the problems come back.

One thing that may be confusing some software is, what seems like
cygwin adding the NULL SID with deny entries but also, according
to the explorer security dialog, "out of normal order for them to be
effective".  So it auto-reorders them if it tries to write to them.

If that could be cleaned up, so explorer and other software wouldn't
think the ACL is "out of order" and want to re-arrange it, that might
help.  It can't be good for different pieces of software to constantly
be trying to apply their own "standards".

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