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Re: pulseaudio.exe never have a sound

Bobone writes:
> Corinna Vinschen-2 wrote
>> Is anybody here interested in removing these limitations?  One problem is
>> that Cygwin only recogizes a single audio device, the current default
>> device.  It would be cool if somebody with a bit of knowledge in Windows
>> audio could update Cygwin's /dev/dsp code a bit.
> Is it so that no matter what library, e.g. OSS or libdao, it is not possible
> to address other sound devices?

Cygwin only has one audio device, namely /dev/dsp -- and that device is
the current default device in Windows.  So no, it doesn#t matter which
library you are using, they will all have to use the same single device.
Corinna was asking for someone to provide code so that any other sound
devices Windows knows about show up under /dev as well.  Only then would
it become possible for libraries to address "other devices".

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