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Re: sshd problem on WS2008R2 64bit

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 1:14 PM Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> > > > What precisely happens when Cygwin uses MSV1 S4ULogon on versions
> > > > than 6.3 before a user has logged on?
> > >
> > > MsV1S4ULogon returns with STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.  Funny status code,
> > > given it works if some user already logged in by other means...
> >
> > OK, so here's another potential workaround that doesn't require running
> > service as a specific user...
> >
> > Create a scheduled task to run using the following settings:
> >
> > General -> Run using user account - > choose a local account
> > General -> "Run whether user is logged on or not"
> > Triggers -> Run at system startup
> > Actions -> Start a program -> Program/script:
> > Actions -> Start a program -> Add arguments: /c exit
> >
> > Full password logon is required (seems we can't use "do not store
> > option).
> >
> > The local account does not have to be a member of Administrators, but it
> > does require user right "Log on as a batch job" (SeBatchLogonRight).
> >
> > In my prefunctory testing this seems to fix this problem.
> >
> > Does this work?
> This does indeed work in my local testing on Windows 7, with a local
> dummy user just for this scheduled job and sshd running under SYSTEM.
> Now, if that's a feasible workaround for users of these older
> systems...?

Good -- this works for me also. (My wild guess, which may be wrong, is that
the older OS versions don't initialize MSV1 S4ULogon for some reason until
somebody logs on.)

Whether this workaround is feasible likely depends on the end user. The
workaround has its own limitations. Here are at least 2 that I can think of
right now:

1. The local user must have "Log on as a batch job" (SeBatchLogonRight)
user right.

2. The "Network access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials
for network authentication" security policy must be set to "Disabled". (If
this policy is set to "Enabled", then you can't create scheduled tasks with
stored passwords.)

It's a weird problem. The best option would be for Microsoft to provide a
fix (if we can provide a short example program that reproduces it).



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