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Re: rsync failed after windows 10 update

On Mar  4 05:13, jwang wrote:
> Error message via strace:
> 1238   99433 [main] rsync 10684 getwinenv: can't set native for HOME= since
> no environ yet
>  3295  164392 [main] rsync 10684 transport_layer_pipes::connect: Try to
> connect to named pipe: \\.\pipe\cygwin-e022582115c10879-lpc
>   199  164591 [main] rsync 10684 transport_layer_pipes::connect: Error
> opening the pipe (2)
>   138  164729 [main] rsync 10684 client_request::make_request: cygserver
> un-available (/etc/cygserver.conf  not in office either, nor on asus)
>   109  282075 [main] rsync 10684 fhandler_pipe::create: name
> \\.\pipe\cygwin-e022582115c10879-pty0-from-master, size 131072, mode
>   188  282263 [main] rsync 10684 fhandler_pipe::create: pipe busy
>    84  416660 [main] rsync 10684 fhandler_base::open:
> (\??\C:\cygwin64\home\james\.popt, 0x108000)
>   154  416814 [main] rsync 10684 seterrno_from_nt_status:
> /home/corinna/src/cygwin/cygwin-2.10.0/cygwin-2.10.0-1.x86_64/src/newlib-cygwin/winsup/cygwin/
> status 0xC0000034 -> windows error 2

This looks like a problem I only found this weekend.  Do you have WSL
activated?  If so, can you please do two things:

First, install the latest developer snapshot from  This is essential!

Second, check with `lsattr' if all or some of the directories you're
trying to rsync have the "case-sensitivity" flag set, e.g.

$ lsattr -d foo
---------n-C foo

That means the flag is set.  Remove the flag recursively, e.g.

$ chattr -R -C foo

Now try rsync again.

Here's what I found two days ago:

The developer snapshot is needed so that Cygwin does not create
case-sensitive directories by default.  I'd released 3.0.2 with
this patch already but I'm still waiting for a report to a certain.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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