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cygwin port of glib

Looking at cygwin glib source package, i see a lot of downstream patches
applied to glib over the years (there are no dates, but the versions range from
2.34.3 to 2.50 - that might be as early as 2012 and as late as 2017) to make it
work correctly on cygwin.

Why are these not upstream (considering the fact that glib does have some
cygwin-specific code - clearly it's not because glib doesn't *want* cygwin

Alternatively, since some of these patches *remove* cygwin-specific code from
glib (as, apparently, it was aimed at old versions of cygwin), why not ask glib
maintainers to remove cygwin support completely (which might simplify the
porting process, since cygwin glib maintainers won't have to guess which parts
of cygwin-specific code in glib are in working order, and which are not)? Also,
since cygwin masquerades as a linux-flavoured POSIX platform, a more correct
approach for glib might be to perform appropriate configure-time checks and
then use their results to decide which code to compile, instead of blindly
trusting that a particular piece of code will work on
bsd/linux/cygwin/whatever. That would remove the need for some of those patches.

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