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Re: No thread safety in clock_gettime (hires_ns::prime)

On Nov 23 11:27, James E. King III wrote:
> Using 32-bit cygwin that I set up yesterday.

Don't do that.  Use 64 bit Cygwin whenever possible.  32 bit is a lost

> I found that a call to
> clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, ..) has a one-time initialization that
> is not thread-safe.  If two threads call this at the same time, they
> will race.  The results I am seeing are typically that one of the two
> callers get a timespec structure with zero values, and no error return
> code from the call.

Thanks for the testcase, but I can't reproduce the problem, neither on
32 bit nor on 64 bit.  I tweaked your makefile to have a 100K loop I
started multiple times with differently optimzed code, but to no avail.

To account for that, I inspected the code doing the initialization and
found that it uses REALTIME priority when trying to make sure multiple
threads don't collide.  This is a bit on the dangerous side, apparently.

I tweaked the code to use a spinlock instead.

I'm just about to upload new developer snapshots to

Should be up in 10 mins or so.  Can you please try if this fixes the
problem for you?


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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