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Re: Request new Ruby release

On 5/6/2018 10:08 AM, Steven Penny wrote:
> On Sun, 6 May 2018 00:54:23, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
>> The question is, if you actually understand your comments are not
>> appreciated, why do you insist on making them anyway?
> because they have merit? i said that already.

Since you stated in the form of a question, I can say for me, they do
not and based on the conversation of others, not for anyone but you.

>>> GCC as an example is a fast updating package.
>> No, not really.
> its fast in comparison to cygwin releases.

A base package such as GCC requires time to release to an OS and Cygwin
is a emulation of an OS.  Releasing just because its fresh off the press
isn't going to happen.  You have the opportunity to build it for
yourself if you need it sooner but then you are on your own.

>> Jon does not maintain all of the cross-compilers,
> yes he does?

In the form of a question again, he definitely does a great job.

>> Exactly.  Griping (or worse) at those who are actually doing the work
>> while you contribute nothing doesn't get you very far.
> this is just patently false. while my builds may not be "blessed" by
> cygwin,
> they are available for anyone to use, and have been for several years.

Why are you not "blessed" with your work?  If you provide a service to
Cygwin then why aren't you in the cygwin-pkg-maint list?  It's because
you haven't requested to maintain a package.

>> I have never forgotten that, and hence am prepared to similarly defend
>> my fellow contributors (albeit probably not as eloquently).
> thats nice, but i think your "defense" is unwarranted. all i am asking
> here is
> for at least yearly updates, even if in the form of "[test]" packages, of
> important packages. for example, with these:
> 1. gcc-core
> 2. gcc-g++
> 3. mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core
> 4. mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++

And then you offend the maintainers who provide their time to provide
you a service of distribution.  If you want to maintain or co-maintain a
package then ask to see if the maintainer needs help.  You haven't done
that, you DEMAND that a release be made.  You might not see it as a
DEMAND but it is one.

> only 2 of the 4 would meet that criteria. as i was tired of waiting, i
> built 3
> and 4 myself:

And you a free to do so.  MinGW isn't GCC and those providing a package
based on it do so in their free time as a gift to you and me.

> and to my surprise with the right options a build only takes about 15
> minutes.
> so its doesnt seem like a crazy request to me, to have a test build
> uploaded in
> this case.

Maybe to you it doesn't seem like a crazy DEMAND but perhaps there are
reasons you're unaware of.  Ask to help rather than DEMANDing.

>> You are the one who insists on throwing insults time and again, and I
>> have warned you about your tone before.  I suggest you take heed.
> do i though? seriously i would like to know. i went through my posts on
> this
> thread:
> -
> -
> -
> -
> and i dont see a single insult that i have made. i might be critical of the
> current state of certain packages, but i am not seeing insults here from
> my end.
> take care.

While your intention isn't one of insults those who maintain the
packages read them as such because you DEMAND more of their time with no
effort toward progressing Cygwin from yourself.  That is the insult.

cyg Simple

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