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Re: Request new Ruby release

On Fri, 4 May 2018 15:16:49, Marco Atzeri wrote:
I do not see you doing any package activity release, so you should refrain to
comment on how we (package maintainers) use our own spare time for this

such comments are perfectly acceptable if maintainers are acting in bad faith
with regard to packages. no one is perfect, certainly not myself. and if the
person in question is a maintainer of an important package, for example GCC or
Ruby, it is not acceptable for them to let a year or 2 go by without an update.

if they are worried about bugs, cygwin has a system in place for many years now
to deal with that. you make a package "[test]", so that people can test it. if
a maintainer cannot faithfully keep up with a package at least once a year,
that person should step aside as im sure other would be willing (myself
included) to take up maintainership of said packages.

Please note that sometime, things are broken upstream
and it takes time and it could require not available capability to
solve the issues.

sorry, did you really just invoke fortran as a serious argument? fortran is
arguably the oldest programming language still in use, if you can even call it
that. you cant even do HTTP with it:

youll notice that ADA already got the axe:

this could happen to fortran as well.

If you want to help for a new package release that you care,
try to build it, check that every thing is in place,
provide if needed patches and guidance and I am almost sure
the relative maintainer will appreciate your effort.
I surely did

so did i:

my GCC build is done, as soon as I finish my G++ build, I had planned to publish
my recipe, but i guess now is as good time as any. i dont have the patch files
as ive seen with other build, so im sure i am missing something.

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